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Astro Jump Delivers the Best Children's Party Rentals


Astro Jump® Delivers the Best Children's Party Rentals

Astro Jump® children's party rentals is the place to start for any kids' party. Our party experts will help you determine the best party rental for your age group and venue. Some of the questions we're often asked are:

How much room do I need to set up an ASTRO JUMP?®

When you call ASTRO JUMP® , let us know what type of rentals you want to reserve, and we will give you the dimensions for the equipment you're interested in renting. Also, when viewing inflatables on our website keep an eye our for the "space needed".

Can I have my children's party at a park?

Yes. ASTRO EVENTS® equipment is great for parks. Please be aware that some cities require that you have reservations in order to have an ASTRO JUMP® at municipal parks. Also, to keep everyone safe, many cities require that party hosts be named as additionally insured on our policy. There is usually no charge for this, however we do need at least a one-week notice to accomplish this. If electricity is not readily available at your desired location, we can arrange for a generator for an additional charge.

Do you deliver and set up?

Absolutely! ASTRO EVENTS® Courteous drivers will deliver and set up each ASTRO JUMP® and ensure that it is clean and in good working condition well before your party starts, and then come back to take it down after the party is over. Set up and take down normally takes about 15-30 minutes per piece. This service is included in your rental cost.

Call Astro Jump® at 800-BIG-JUMP (244-5867) to talk about your upcoming children's party or find a location near you to get the party started!

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