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There are 3 ways to start an inflatable business.

1) You can purchase equipment from a manufacturer, develop a website, develop marketing materials, figure out the market in your area, determine pricing, find insurance (the list goes on and on and on)

2) Link with the guys that will help you get started inexpensively with little money down, provide insurance, marketing and training then want 60% of all your proceeds forever. After a couple of years, you determine this was the most expensive way you could have started.

3) Join the Astro Jump® Family, home of the original Astro Jump®. and have fun while MAKING MONEY!

Astro Jump® and Astro Events® have been creating fun since 1986!.

If you've ever dreamed of owning a business, and having fun, Astro Jump® is for you! Kid's parties, corporate events, team building, day care centers, churches, schools...the list goes on. Astro Jump® equipment and services bring thrills and excitement to Kids and kids at heart. The demographics show that this market is still virtually untapped!

We have a proven system including training in all aspects of the business operation, with a complete reservation system and national marketing, enabling you to build an excellent business that grows every year. Every party or event is actually an advertisement for your products and services that gives you a 60-70% referral and repeat customer base.


Because we don't attempt to make money by selling you inflatables, or taking 50-60% of your rental fees forever, we create a unique relationship with our licensees. This unique opportunity gives us a vested interest in your success because we don't make money until you do! Our selection process involves getting to know you and being certain that your goals are similar to ours.

Simply stated, they are: To build a successful business in the inflatable/party rental industry that provides outstanding service and products unsurpassed by ANYONE! For Additional Info, Please complete all Fields