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Astro Jump's Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas.

3 Essentials to the Best Kids Birthday Party Ever with Astro Jump® Inflatable Rentals!

Birthday Party planning can be daunting, so we boiled it down to the essentials of making your child's birthday one they will never forget.

1.Awesome Birthday Party Theme. Talk with your child about ideas for a fun birthday party theme. Sometimes a child might know what they want right off the bat, but it may take more brainstorming, too. Ask your child what is their most beloved character? Favorite activities? Favorite animal? And if they can't decide, you can always do a favorite things birthday party theme! Be sure to call Astro Jump® for help with birthday party theme ideas!

2.Busy children are Happy Children! The key to a successful kids birthday party, is keeping your birthday boy or girl, and all their friends, busy and entertained. Here at Astro Jump®, we have everything you need to keep the kids going and having fun, with our large selection of bouncer houses and inflatables. What better way to entertain children than a fun bouncer house rental! Astro Jump® works with you to make sure you have the best and age appropriate package for your child's birthday party.

3. Food, Food, Food. Food is a must for any fun birthday party. Make sure your child's birthday cake goes with your theme, and that you have plenty of snacks for everyone! Astro Jump® has movie house popcorn machines for the perfect novelty snack at any party all year round. But don't forget to rent one of our slushee machines for your summer birthday parties!

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