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Bouncer House Rentals for Any Occasion.

Bouncer House Rentals for Any Occasion

While here at Astro Jump®, we absolutely love helping our customers with all of their birthday party needs, our bouncer houses, rentals, and planning advice is good for absolutely any occasion! Here are some bouncer houses that great for your non-birthday party needs!

Classic Castle Bouncer House Rental

Our classic Castle Bouncer House is one every child, of any age, will love, and is perfect for any occasion, thanks to it's classic castle design! This castle is the perfect rental for anything from block party, barbecue, to a family reunion. Find it at a location near you!

Indoor Ball Pond Combo Bouncer House Rental

Our super fun Indoor Ball Pond Combo Bouncer House Rental, takes the classic fun of the Castle Bouncer House, and upgrades it by adding a ball pond to play in, too! Bouncing all day, then diving into our amazing ball pond, is perfect for any fun get together, all year round! Find it at a location near you!

Sports 4-in-1 Combo Challenge Bouncer House Rental

Want to celebrate a great victory and hard work with your child's sports team? Reward their efforts and team work by renting this fun themed 4-in-1 Combo Challenge bouncer house! Your child's teammates will feel like the greatest team in the word having fun together in this appropriately sports themed bouncer house! Find it at a location near you!

Tribute to the Troops 4-in-1 Combo Challenge Bouncer House Rental

This fun 4-in-1 Bouncer House playground, complete with slide and BBall Hoop, is perfect for any Fourth of July Barbecue, and shows your heartfelt support of our hardworking troops! Find it at a location near you! 

Tropical Paradise 4-in-1 Combo Challenge Bouncer House Rental

Whether you live in a warm, and tropical environment, or you simply wish that you did, this Tropical Paradise Bouncer House rental is perfect for any occasion. Rent it during the summer time and complete your party, by renting on of our super cool Sno Cone Machines too! Find it at a location near you!

Get ready for "The Easiest Party You'll Every Have!"with Astro Jump®!

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