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Children's Party Rental


Build "fun" into your children's party in five easy steps with Astro Jump® inflatable rentals

Everyone wants their children's party to be a lasting memory. We've got five easy steps to help you make that happen.

  1. Make party planning fun. Talk with your child and get their ideas for what they'd like to do and who they would like to have at the party. While you may need to keep the guest count manageable, their involvement in the party planning process will go a long way in transforming a party into a memory. Be sure to call Astro Jump® to get some ideas to bring up with your child. 
  2. Set the date. Give yourself plenty of time, at least six weeks, to finalize the location, get invitations out, and get your RSVPs back. 
  3. Keep the kids busy. Astro Jump® has everything you need to ensure the party fun stays in full swing. With our large selections of bounce houses and inflatables, we'll work with you to put together the right package for your children's party.
  4. Include plenty of age appropriate kid-friendly activities. We're here to help you figure out what games and activities will work best for your party's age group.
  5. Plan your children's menu. Make your food and snack choices fun for the kids, and easy for you. Our movie house popcorn machines may be just what you need to help you with the snacks. Looking to cool down in the warm weather, then try one of our slushee machines.

Find an Astro Jump® near you and get ready for "The Easiest Party You'll Every Have!"Find a location near you and get ready for "The Easiest Party You'll Every Have!"