60' Shadow Obstacle Course Parts One and Two

Space Needed 70' X 15' amd 16' Tall


One look and you'll know This Obstacle Course is different from all the rest. Introducing Astro Jump's newest inflatable obstacle course - The 60 FT Shadow Obstacle - Get Ready for this series of physically challenging activities including jumping, running, crawling, climbing and sliding plus ultimate obstacle pops and tunnels. Participants start to race by entering Karate barriers, breaking the dummy obstacle pops and overcoming horizontal barriers, stepping through ground circle obstaclesclimbing up the wall and sliding down to pass the X obstacle pops and exit through the tunnels. Next enter the tunnels, climbing up the wall and sliding down to pass through hanging obstacle balls and horizontal barriers. Sprinting through the underground potholes to challenge the balance then exit to victory through the horizontal barriers.

Your Children's safety is our Number 1 Priority, and protecting our great environment matters too. This is why we use non-toxic biodegradable cleaners on all of our equipment.

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