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Inflatable obstacle courses for fun-filled challenges at any outdoor event.

Inflatable obstacle courses for fun-filled challenges at any outdoor event.

Astro Jump® brings on the fun with inflatable obstacle courses for outdoor fun. With obstacle courses, big, small, and everything in between, outdoor events from children's parties, to Back to School events, to community carnivals, will be ready for maximum participation and maximum fun. Ask us about our selection of obstacle course challenge, and we'll help you choose the one that will work best for your event or party.

The best sports inflatables and cotton candy machines in town!

At Astro Jump®, we not only have inflatable obstacle courses, but we have lots of options to go with them like sports and premium inflatables. Along with inflatables, we have cotton candy, slushee and food machines, for snacks to keep the hunger at bay.

Find an Astro Jump® near you and get ready for "The Easiest Party You'll Every Have!"

  • Astro Jump® News

  • 06/01/2020 - 2020 -Unlike Any Year Before
    Firstly - From our group of AstroJump office owners across the US and in Australia - THANK YOU for years of trusting us to entertain the kids at your birthday parties, school celebrations, sports days, summer camp programs, church gatherings, family reunions and sometimes just for a day of backyard FUN! We send you wishes of good health and quick recovery should you become sick. These past weeks since mid-March have seen a change in routine... read more
  • 01/24/2020 - Winter Birthdays and Celebrations
    Here's a great way to add some FUN to Wintertime Birthdays. When it looks like the weather will allow the children to play outside, think about renting one of AstroJump's popular Bounce Combos. These inflatable Jump and Slide Combos can be set up on the driveway if your grass is too wet and many will fit inside too. Sometimes the parents host the birthday at a school or church gym. Speaking... read more
  • 10/04/2019 - Childrens Parties and Festivals in the Fall
    When you're thinking of renting an inflatable bounce house or giant slide this Fall give Astro Jump a call or check out astrojump.com. We recommend our inflatable Obstacle Courses for the cooler months. It's like renting an inflatable playground and they can be set up and inflated almost anywhere that's flat. We've delivered Astro Jump obstacle courses for birthdays and fairs to parks, ball fields, gyms,... read more
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