T-Ball Extreme

Space Needed 12' x 12' and 9' Tall


BATTER UP! Check out Astro Jump’s inflatable baseball game!
This inflatable carnival game is sure to be a hit with your young sports fans! Brush up on your batting skills with this fun baseball game that makes any player feel like they’re in the major leagues!
The baseball hovers in the air to make it all the more challenging and all the more fun! Hit the ball into the outfield for a HOME RUN!
The inflatable baseball game comes complete with the bat and balls to play. This piece is great for backyard parties, church festivals, school carnivals, and little league events.
Check out Astro Jump’s Popcorn Machine and other Fun Food rentals to make your event feel like a major league game!


Your children's safety is our # 1 priority, and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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