Why AstroJump®?

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That's a smart question to ask when choosing the company to bring the entertainment for your upcoming party. You want to be sure they'll show up, and that the inflatables are clean and fresh , and just in case you have a question during your party or event you want a person to answer the phone and to have answers for you.

Astro Jump® has all that and more.

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AstroJump® started in 1986, more than 30 years ago, and has grown to offices all over the US and Australia. Each of these offices is locally owned and operated by a professional full-time staff who are Pros. These are the people you'll be communicating with about your party.

We're happy when you're happy. and You're happy when the Kids are having a great time. AstroJump®  staff know how to help you choose the safest and  most fun pieces for your party - age appropriate pieces that fit into your space with a safety margin, and provide hours of Happy, Healthy entertainment

Much of our equipment is custom designed for AstroJump® offices and made right here in t he US. We test new equipment to be sure it's super fun and safe and we offer only equipment that we're 100% sure will please the kids. That means Equipment Safety First which is the Best looking,

Many municipalities, park systems and schools require their vendors to carry liability insurance. AstroJump® has been insured since the beginning and has an excellent safety record. Our policies meet or exceed the requirements of PTAs, Universities and commercial landlords.

We know the things you're likely to worry about in the days before you party and we're here to help you feel confident about your party. Our confirmation document is your guarantee that we'll be there and anytime you have a question we're here by phone or email. If the weather is iffy we can discuss options, and we'll never cancel on you unless there's a weather related safety issue where we feel the children would be in danger.

Trust us - We've seen it ALL - and we've learned to identify problems before they pop up. Whether it's a rental request for a piece of equipment that's not right for your kids' ages, or a street fair blocking access to your house - we spend the time to identify and suggest solutions that guarantee you a great party.

You will NEVER get that call of "We have a problem and have to cancel" In fact each week we receive calls from parents who have been last-minute cancelled by other rental companies and we do our best to help them, when possible.

Yes, we work hard on Saturdays and Sundays, so if you have a weekend question or have an issue needing attention during your party, you'll get a voice, not a message and we'll do our best to correct the situation quickly.

We arrive at least a half hour before your party - think about the stress that takes away when you have guests arriving.

Reputation - Our customers love and recommend us. Please read through our testimonials on our website and our rave reviews on social media review sites. More than 70% of our customers are repeat and referrals - that says it all...

In the unusual event that your driver has a problem or your equipment arrives in unsatisfactory condition - we have backup. We're not leaving until you're pleased.



Knowledgeable assistance in choosing the best and safest inflatables for your party with the goal of a stress-free birthday or event for you.

Fresh, Clean Equipment delivered on time or early to your party and setup with safety and a problem-free party as priorities

Our office is open and phones are answered all day each day and especially throughout the weekends for any last minute or during-party questions.

Backup equipment, drivers and vehicles should any problem arise

Appropriate insurance coverage and approval by City/County/ PTA, school system of... so you can rest easy knowing we're officially recognized and approved.


 Expect a FUN and HAPPY Day brought to you by a locally owned company that has been in business since 1994 and has over 250,000 local very satisfied parents, children, coaches, teachers, pastors and corporate customers all over the NVA and WDC area.



About Us

Before 1986, the closest thing to an Astro Jump® Party in California was a waterbed in a room full of unsupervised children. Our company was started in May 1986 in a beach shack on Coronado Island near San Diego, California. The founders, 24 year old college pals, drove West from the Deep South with a single Astro Jump® and a business plan to simply make enough money to survive for the summer. By August Astro Jump® was fast becoming a real business. These fellows bought shoes, got haircuts and set out to create the best birthday party business Californians would ever see.

Today Astro Jump® is known nationally as a leader in the children's entertainment business. Each of our offices is locally owned by the people who answer the phones, deliver to parties and participate in the creation of our latest designs. We all share the name Astro Jump® and our common goal is to bring you "The Easiest Party Ever", whether it's a backyard birthday for 10, or a Carnival attended by 1,000's. We're proud to tell you that our Astro Jumps® are the best built, bounciest and best looking inflatables available and we invite you to join the millions of satisfied jumpers who love Astro Jump® - America's Inflatable Playground!

******** We currently do not have a licensed affiliate in the Nashville area. If you are interested in becoming one, please contact us or click on the biz opp link below. ********

Please send any written inquiries to:

Email: biz-opps@astrojump.com

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Your children's safety is our # 1 priority, and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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