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Double Hoops Shot
imag1520.jpg imag1520.jpg
First Down - Football Toss
imag0977(1).jpg imag0977(1).jpg
Having fun on our new Climbing Wall
imag0362(1).jpg imag0362(1).jpg
18' Rock Climber Dual Lane Slides
imag0029(1).jpg imag0029(1).jpg
Trackless Train
imag0363(1).jpg imag0363(1).jpg
Obstacle Course
dds_event_1(1).jpg dds_event_1(1).jpg
Davidson Day School Event
dds_event_2(1).jpg dds_event_2(1).jpg
Tug-o-War at Davidson Day School Event
dds_event_3(1).jpg dds_event_3(1).jpg
Dunk Tank at Davidson Day School Event
adrenalinerushii_1(1).jpg adrenalinerushii_1(1).jpg
Adrenaline Rush II Obstacle Course
adrenalinerushii_2(1).jpg adrenalinerushii_2(1).jpg
Adrenaline Rush II
adrenalinerushii_3(1).jpg adrenalinerushii_3(1).jpg
Adrenaline Rush II
velcrowall(1).jpg velcrowall(1).jpg
Velcro Wall
4n1_allstar_combo(1).jpg 4n1_allstar_combo(1).jpg
4-n-1 Allstar Combo Activity Center
4n1_combo(1).jpg 4n1_combo(1).jpg
4-n-1 Combo Activity Center
18super_splash_slide.jpg 18super_splash_slide.jpg
18' Dolphin Wave Dry Slide
22climb&slide.jpg 22climb&slide.jpg
22' Climb n Slide
22_climb&slide_3.jpg 22_climb&slide_3.jpg
22' Climb n Slide
27_tropical_slide.jpg 27_tropical_slide.jpg
27' Tropical Dual Lane Slide
27_tropical_2.jpg 27_tropical_2.jpg
27' Tropical Dual Lane Slide
boxing_ring(1).jpg boxing_ring(1).jpg
Boxing Ring
castle(1).jpg castle(1).jpg
Castle Bouncer
choochoo_3n1(1).jpg choochoo_3n1(1).jpg
Choo Choo 3-n-1 Activity Center
dolphin_wave(1).jpg dolphin_wave(1).jpg
Dolphin Wave Water Slide
double_shot_hoops(1).jpg double_shot_hoops(1).jpg
Double Shot Hoops
dual_lane_slip-n-slide(1).jpg dual_lane_slip-n-slide(1).jpg
Dual Lane Slip-n-Slide
dual_lane_slip-n-splash(1).jpg dual_lane_slip-n-splash(1).jpg
Dual Lane Slip-n-Splash
extreme_t- ball(1).jpg extreme_t- ball(1).jpg
T-Ball Extreme
inside_22_climb&slide.jpg inside_22_climb&slide.jpg
Inside 22' Climb & Slide
jungle_utra_3n1_combo(1).jpg jungle_utra_3n1_combo(1).jpg
Jungle Themed Ultra 3-n-1 Combo
monster_wave(1).jpg monster_wave(1).jpg
Monster Wave Dual Lane Water Slide
obstacle_course(1).jpg obstacle_course(1).jpg
Obstacle Course
school_carnival(1).jpg school_carnival(1).jpg
School Carnival
school_field_day(1).jpg school_field_day(1).jpg
School Field Day
shark_escape(1).jpg shark_escape(1).jpg
Shark Escape Water Slide (can be used as a dry slide too)
single_lane_slip-n-slide(1).jpg single_lane_slip-n-slide(1).jpg
Single Lane Slip-n-Slide
stthomas_preschool_fun_day(1).jpg stthomas_preschool_fun_day(1).jpg
St. Thomas Preschool Fun Day
wild_rapids(1).jpg wild_rapids(1).jpg
Wild Rapids Dual Lane Water Slide
tropical_slipnsplash2(1).jpg tropical_slipnsplash2(1).jpg
Tropical Slip-n-Splash
tropical_slipnsplash3(1).jpg tropical_slipnsplash3(1).jpg
Tropical Slip-n-Splash
obstacle_course3(1).jpg obstacle_course3(1).jpg
Obstacle Course
can_smash(1).jpg can_smash(1).jpg
Can Smash Game
castle_jump(1).jpg castle_jump(1).jpg
Castle Jump
frog flyer(1).jpg frog flyer(1).jpg
Frog Flyer Game
limbo(1).jpg limbo(1).jpg
St. Thomas Preschool Fun Day Limbo Party - How low can you go?!
obstacle_course2(1).jpg obstacle_course2(1).jpg
Obstacle Course
face painting(1).jpg face painting(1).jpg
Face Painting
baloon twisting(2).jpg baloon twisting(2).jpg
Balloon Twisting
clown(1).jpg clown(1).jpg
jQuery Carousel

Your Children's safety is our Number 1 Priority, and protecting our great environment matters too. This is why we use 100% "Green" non-toxic cleaners made of 100% Organic ingredients on all of our equipment.

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  • Astro JumpĀ® of North Charlotte News

  • 05/21/2014 - AstroJump at CocaCola 600
    Charlotte's own AstroJump is proud to be a part of the Charlotte Motor Speedway CocaCola 600 this Memorial Day weekend. Come on out with the kids to the Spectacular 10 acre Family Zone sponsored by Banana Boat just outside the Main Entrance. Among lots of other exciting childrens activities you'll find the AstroJump Rock Climbing wall. Whether you're a Kyle Busch fan, a Matt Kenseth follower, a Jimmie Johnson diehard or joining... read more