The Toxic Meltdown Experience

Space needed 35' x 35' and 10' for Head Room


Arriving Early Spring of 2017!! Astro Jump® of Atlanta introduces NEW 8 player Toxic Meltdown Rentals
If you have rented one of Astro Jump of Atlanta’s other mechanical rides, such as one of the Mechanical Bulls (Debo & Midnight) or the 4 player Code Red Battle Zone…This interactive 8 person mechanical game is for you! Maybe you didn’t rent one, but have experienced the fun that mechanical rides bring to many parties around Metro Atlanta. Either way, We promise you do not want to miss out on the Toxic Meltdown!
What is the Toxic Meltdown?
The "Toxic Meltdown" is the newest, most exciting, interactive, inflatable game in the industry. Eight players can enjoy this game of Skill and Balance called " The Toxic Meltdown". It is fun to pretend there has been a Toxic Slime spill at the chemical plant and now it's every man, woman, and child for himself. Time to challenge your stamina, agility and reactions. Each player takes a podium to stand on and the object is to avoid the TWO “Toxic” spinning arms. In an effort to not get wiped out, participants must duck underneath or jump over the foam “Toxic” arms. One arm is lower and appears easy to jump over. Don’t let it fool you, It spins , making it easy to sneak up on you. The 2nd arm also spins and is a little more challenging as it is higher. Don’t worry the adrenaline that this exciting inflatable mechanical game brings, will bring out ninja skills that you didn’t even know existed. If the Toxic Meltdown happens to defeat you, it is ok…A 30x30 octagon inflatable surrounds you, making it safe to fall off the podium where you once stood. Who will be the last one standing? Will it be You? Maybe a Co-Worker? A Neighbor? A Friend? Your Spouse or Child?
Doesn’t that sound like fun? Call us today to reserve your Toxic Meltdown rental & Let the fun begin!
** All Toxic Meltdown Rentals Include a Trained Operator for the Length of Your Rental **
Just a Few Ideas for the Toxic Meltdown…
·         Birthday Parties
·         College Events
·         Graduation Parties
·         After Prom Parties
·         Church Festivals
·         Summer Camps
·         Youth Group Activities
·         Corporate / Team Building
·         Neighborhood Block Parties
·         School Events – Elementary, Middle, High Schools...

Your Children's safety is our Number 1 Priority, and protecting our great environment matters too. This is why we use non-toxic biodegradable cleaners on all of our equipment.

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