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IMG_9728.jpg IMG_9728.jpg
What a typical cleaning day looks like
20160522_192010.jpg 20160522_192010.jpg
22ft Tall Blue Crush Water Slide
100ft Vertical Rush Extreme Inflatable Obstacle Course
Atlanta 40' obstacle with rock slide on a lawn.png Atlanta 40' obstacle with rock slide on a lawn.png
40' Obstacle Course + 18ft Rock Climb Slide
20220716_155535.jpg 20220716_155535.jpg
Inflatable Dual Lane Slip n Slides = BEST DAY EVER!!
FB_IMG_1658282674209.jpg FB_IMG_1658282674209.jpg
Big Events are our thing too!
IMG_1222.jpg IMG_1222.jpg
60ft Xtreme Adrenaline Obstacle Course
IMG_1226.jpg IMG_1226.jpg
18ft Tropical Thunder Waterslide
IMG_1884(2).jpg IMG_1884(2).jpg
20ft Emerald Ice Water Slide with Pool
IMG_1900.jpg IMG_1900.jpg
Thanks IKEA for trusting Astro Jump to bring the FUN!
IMG_20220831_065641_660.jpg IMG_20220831_065641_660.jpg
22ft Vertical Rush Dry Slide
IMG_2128(1).jpg IMG_2128(1).jpg
27ft Lava Dry Slide & Mechanical Bull
20160703_142042.jpg 20160703_142042.jpg
22ft Blue Lagoon Inflatable Water Slide
IMG_20220831_065641_603.jpg IMG_20220831_065641_603.jpg
Bull, Soccer Darts & 22ft Blue Crush DRY Slide
IMG_20221210_134212_360.jpg IMG_20221210_134212_360.jpg
Inside of 100ft Obstacle Course
IMG_20230105_135332_300.jpg IMG_20230105_135332_300.jpg
95ft Boot Camp Obstacle Course
Screenshot_20220730-181315_Facebook.jpg Screenshot_20220730-181315_Facebook.jpg
18ft Tropical Thunder & Life's a Beach Water Slides
IMG-20230106-WA0002.jpg IMG-20230106-WA0002.jpg
Another cleaning day in progress...
IMG951844(1).jpg IMG951844(1).jpg
35ft Caution Obstacle Course w/Slide
IMG_2544.jpg IMG_2544.jpg
Super Cool Sugar Rush Combo with Slide
IMG_20230105_135011_816.jpg IMG_20230105_135011_816.jpg
22ft Blue Crush Dry Slide & Castle Bounce House = Indoor Fun for This Event!
IMG_20230105_135332_300.jpg IMG_20230105_135332_300.jpg
95ft Boot Camp Inflatable Obstacle Course
FB_IMG_1682083346874.jpg FB_IMG_1682083346874.jpg
Your One Stop Shop for the BEST Parties!!
854.jpg 854.jpg
4 Player Code Red Battle Zone
365.jpg 365.jpg
Fall Festival Fun
Dual Hoops Action.png Dual Hoops Action.png
Inflatable Basketball Game - Fun for College Students Too!
2010.jpg 2010.jpg
Dunk Tank Rentals
40ft Dash.png 40ft Dash.png
40ft Dash Obstacle Course w/Slide Rentals
Mechanical Bull New Mat.jpg Mechanical Bull New Mat.jpg
Mechanical Bull Rentals in Atlanta
20170530_231317.jpg 20170530_231317.jpg
27' Tropical & 22' Blue Crush Waterslides
georgia_state_bull_rental.png georgia_state_bull_rental.png
Georgia State University enjoys "Debo" the Mechanical Bull!
littlemermaid_pinkcastle_moonwalk(1).png littlemermaid_pinkcastle_moonwalk(1).png
Little Mermaid Pink Castle Moonwalk
deluxe_mechanicalbull_rentals.png deluxe_mechanicalbull_rentals.png
"Midnight" Mechanical Bull Rentals – Atlanta
debo_mechanicalbull_rentals(1).png debo_mechanicalbull_rentals(1).png
“Debo” Mechanical Bull Rentals – Atlanta
27ft_lava_twist.png 27ft_lava_twist.png
SUPER FUN!!! 27ft Lava Twist Water Slide
lava_twist_and_tropical_slide.png lava_twist_and_tropical_slide.png
27ft Lava Twist Waterslide & Tropical Slip n Slide
mechanical_bull_adult_fun.jpg mechanical_bull_adult_fun.jpg
Mechanical Bull – Fun for Adults Too!!
pirate_party_fun.jpg pirate_party_fun.jpg
Pirate Party Fun – Pirate Ship & Alligator Obstacle Course
t-ball_basketball.jpg t-ball_basketball.jpg
Inflatable T-Ball & Basketball Games
side view of 4n1.jpg side view of 4n1.jpg
The Side View of our 4n1 Inflatable Bounce Combo
royal treasure pirate ship(1).jpg royal treasure pirate ship(1).jpg
Another View of the Royal Treasure Inflatable Pirate Ship
royal princess(1).jpg royal princess(1).jpg
Princess & Pirate Party
madness jumping.jpg madness jumping.jpg
More Bouncing in the Bouncer - WHEEEE!!!
inside pirate ship_turn.jpg inside pirate ship_turn.jpg
Royal Treasure Inflatable Pirate Ship
choa will, hope & madness.jpg choa will, hope & madness.jpg
CHOA trusts us for their special events!
snow cones pic(1).jpg snow cones pic(1).jpg
What a refreshing sight. Snow Cones go perfect with any waterslide rental..Don't forget yours!
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Indoor or Outdoor light competition. Can you outscore your friends by tagging your lights 1st?
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Duck and Jump Mechanical or Meltdown. Great fun for all!
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    Summertime weather in Atlanta can last into October and AstroJump® of Atlanta is still adding new backyard waterslides for birthday party rentals in Atlanta. If you've been waiting for your child's friends to return from Summer Activities to celebrate a summer birthday, let us help you! AstroJump® of Atlanta has more than 20 backyard inflatable water slides and slip n slides along with fun jump and slide combos for... read more
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