It's a Hot Summer Atlanta!! Rent an Inflatable Waterslide

WOW!! The temps around Metro Atlanta have been brutal...Some days reaching over 100 degrees. Let Astro Jump of Atlanta help you stay cool. During the summer months our waterslides are in high demand. We know that the heat has a lot to do with it, However there are a few other reasons that Metro Atlanta residents call on Astro Jump to provide their summer fun.   Here are just a few.....   * The selection of inflatable waterslide rentals available at Astro Jump of Atlanta is extreme! We offer waterslides from 13ft tall to a GIANT 27ft tall...Did you know that is almost 3 stories tall? Yes, You read that right...If you are located in or around Metro Atlanta, You can rent a water slide that is almost 3 stories tall!!   * The Atlanta Astro Jump office has waterslides for all ages....We offer single lane as well as double lane inflatable waterslides.   The 13-15ft water slides are great for the toddler age group. We recommend the smaller waterslides for children up to age 10. They are not suitable for teen or adult use!   The 18ft inflatable dual lane waterslides with a pool are probably our most popular. At 18ft tall that are not too tall to where the little ones are intimidated, yet tall enough that even the adults have a blast too!   Our dual lane 20ft double lane waterslides with a pool are very unique. These waterslides have 2 different sized lanes. The inside lane is approximately 3ft shorter than the outside lane. This allows the residents of Metro Atlanta to have 1 slide with 2 different options. If you have little ones that are not ready for the big slide, they are able to choose the inside lane. For the brave at heart and older kids, the outside lane offers the most excitement. Our 20ft inflatable water slides accommodate everyone!!   If you want something for the older kids and adults, Our 22ft Waterslides are a favorite around Metro Atlanta. Standing at 22ft tall, these inflatable waterslides are dual lane.....Perfect for racing!! After a steep 22ft slide down, a 30ft slip n slide awaits and ends with a splash into a pool. A total of 65ft of serious wet fun!!!   Still looking for the most extreme inflatable waterslide?? If so, Astro Jump of Atlanta has it for you!! We offer 2 different 27ft tall waterslide rentals...At almost 3 stories tall, you have to see the Tropical Extreme and the Lava Twist Waterslides!! These water slides are not for the faint at heart....The 27ft waterslides require you to be bold & not easily intimidated. Our 27ft waterslide rentals were added to our inventory with the teenagers, college students and adults around Metro Atlanta in mind.   * Astro Jump of Atlanta offers the highest quality of commercial inflatable waterslides. Our waterslides are the best of the best. All American made...Not all waterslides are created equal. Our waterslides are lead free and have additional safety features to keep your children and party guest as safe as possible. Our inflatable waterslides are also replaced as needed due to normal wear and tear. You won't be disappointed with our quality!   * All of our inflatable rentals, including our waterslides, are properly insured. You don't want to rent any inflatable from an uninsured company! Astro Jump of Atlanta also cleans and sanitizes our inflatables after each rental. As parents ourselves, clean inflatables are extremely important to us. As you can see there are plenty of reasons to trust Astro Jump of Atlanta to provide your summer time waterslide rentals. In addition to the above reasons, we also offer top notch customer service, on time delivery of your waterslide rental, secure set ups and kid friendly delivery staff.   Give Astro Jump of Atlanta a call at 770-529-0053 to reserve your next inflatable water slide rental!!
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Your children's safety is our # 1 priority, and Astro Jump® has always taken extra steps to provide the cleanest equipment for your celebrations to protect your family and our wonderful employees.

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