RVA Mechanical Bull Rental

Space needed 23' x 23' and 10' Tall


Grab your boots and cowboy hats, it's rodeo time in Richmond VA! Come live out your childhood dream of finding your inner cowboy. We'll be delivering the Wild West right to you for your upcoming event. Hold onto your belt buckle and try the gentle first ride, then a faster Second Ride! Our realistic Mechanical Bull has all the excitement and characteristics of a real PBR rodeo bull. He bucks and spins a full 360°, has flashing red LED eyes, and is covered in real cowhide. The 6 preset automatic competition levels can accommodate all skill levels. Our control console has two LED digital time clocks giving the current time achieved so both you and the operator can see how long you stayed on the bull. Safety is paramount so our Mechanical Rodeo Bull is fitted with a unique Automatic Stop System. As soon as the rider falls, the bull stops instantly. Don't to be afraid of getting banged up by the Bull as it also has an innovative soft foam safety head. We even have something for the Lil' Buckaroos. Add on our Cow Belly Bouncer and a fun food machine so they can be apart of all the rodeo action. Our Mechanical Bull is guaranteed to rope-in the crowds for Big Time Wild West Fun!

Your Children's safety is our Number 1 Priority, and protecting our great environment matters too. This is why we use non-toxic biodegradable cleaners on all of our equipment.

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